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Welcome to Silhouette U!

This page will give you an overview of everything included with your Silhouette U membership and where to find it.

If you are brand new to Silhouette, we’d also recommend that you check out this out of the box video series for beginners.


New to Silhouette

So you just got a new Silhouette CAMEO? Great! If you are a brand new user and don’t really know where to start, this page is for you! We’ve put this short series of New to Silhouette beginner video tutorials together to get you up and running quickly. We highly recommend you watch them in order on this page before moving on to the full library of Silhouette U Beginner videos.


Curriculums are special series of video tutorials that we have curated in a logical and progressive order that teach a specific technique or cover a specific topic (e.g., vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, tracing, etc…). The video tutorials are set up in a recommended watching order that will help you build on skills as you move through the curriculum. We highly recommend watching all of the video tutorials in order on the Curriculums page if you are interested in learning this topic


Silhouette U offers video tutorials for all skill levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.  The video tutorials can be streamed any time you'd like, as many times as you'd like.  To access the video tutorials, click on the Videos link.  Once the main videos page loads, you'll see 4 camera icons which will take you to the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and homework videos.  New video tutorials are added monthly and the previous video tutorials will remain available, so be sure to check back often for additional topics!

Commercial Use Files

Silhouette U memberships include access to the Silhouette U Library of free commercial use design files.  New designs are added every month, but each quarter all designs from that quarter are retired, so don't delay in downloading them!  If you'd like to find the free commercial use design files library, click on the Commercial Use Files link.  This page will then explain the file types, how you can use them, how often they update, and of course, how to download the files!  To download any of the files, just click on the appropriate link below the image, and the download will start.

Have a general design request? Email and we'll try our best to make it happen!

Facebook Group

The Silhouette U Facebook group is an active place - and it's what we consider the social hub of Silhouette U! We'd love for you to be engaged in our community. To join this group, click on the Facebook icon here or go to the Happenings link in the Members Only section.

During your first visit to the Facebook group, please click "Request to Join". This will shoot the administrators a request, and you'll be granted access to the Facebook group usually in about 1 business day.  Please make sure your name on Facebook exactly matches your Silhouette U profile name.  If you need to update your Silhouette U profile name, please click on Your Account.  This will not impact login or billing, but it will ensure we can easily match up Silhouette U and Facebook :)

Office Hours

We know you may have questions about your Silhouette, an accessory, or a project you're working on.  If you're anything like Bob, you'll want to ask Melissa how it works.  With Silhouette U, you'll be able to do the same thing.  Melissa will be available for live 1:1 help during her weekly "office hours".  This basically means that she'll be standing by and active on Facebook Messenger during given times to answer your questions 1:1 and live.  Think of it like a customer service chat session!

To start a chat with Melissa in Facebook Messenger during office hours, click her Facebook Profile name "Melissa Viscount" and then "Message" to start a chat session.

To learn when office hours occur, please see the Events calendar at the bottom of every page.

Live Q&A

Can't make it to office hours, but have a question you want answered? Join us for Live Q and A sessions throughout the month. Melissa will be hosting Live Question and Answer sessions through Facebook Live. Times will vary in an effort to allow members in various time zones and on different schedules to join in.  If you want to guarantee your question is answered, you can email ahead of time. Please put "Q & A" in the subject line!

All Q and A sessions will remain on the Silhouette U Facebook group for 30 days so members have an opportunity to watch a full playback.


Each month Silhouette U members will be eligible to participate in a members-only giveaway. Giveaways will be run through Rafflecopter. The entry form will be found on the Silhouette U Facebook page as well as on the Silhouette U website. Prizes will all be craft and/or Silhouette related and will range in value.  Silhouette U members living outside of the US are eligible for all giveaways.

Please check the events calendar for details on the start and end of giveaways.

Events Calendar

As you can see, there's a ton going on with the Silhouette U Facebook group.  To keep us organized, we have a calendar that lists all of the Facebook events on the Silhouette U website (as well as 'events' on Facebook).  We figured it would help you out too - so we posted it at the bottom of every page. That's where you'll find out the dates and times of the monthly Facebook giveaway, Q and A's and Melissa's office hours.

Free Mini Guide

Each Silhouette U membership entitles the member access to a free Ultimate Silhouette mini guide.  This mini guide won't be sold anywhere, so only Silhouette U members will have access to it.  Each year, a new mini guide will be available.  

Previous Silhouette U mini guides will be available after you’ve been a member for a bit. After 33 days, you can download last year’s mini guide for free as well. After 63 days, you can download the year before that.

Downloading it is a piece of cake.  Just click on the Store link or on the Mini Guide icon on the members homepage. Both will take to you the Silhouette U Store where you can simply click on the mini guide cover, and the download will begin.  It's that easy!


The Silhouette U Store is where you'll not only be able to access and download your free Silhouette U exclusive mini guide, but other Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebooks written by Melissa as well.

Silhouette U members are eligible for special discount pricing on The Ultimate Silhouette Guide, The Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide, Cutting a Profit, and The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio - as well as bundles! Discounts are built into the pricing - no coupons or codes needed!

Priority Email

If you have a question and need an answer, we've got you covered.  As a Silhouette U member, you have access to a priority inbox.  What's that mean? It means we answer the Silhouette U inbox first, ahead of the hundreds of emails we receive each week in our Silhouette School Blog inbox.  We aim to reply within 24 hours.  The Silhouette U members priority email address is


The Deals page is where Silhouette U members can gain access to special members-only deals, discounts, and coupon codes to some of our favorite Silhouette-related retailers. Silhouette U and Silhouette School take pride in bringing on crafters and top notch retailers who offer amazing customer service, quality products, great prices, and fast shipping together.  Only retailers we have long standing working relationships with and whose products and customer service we standing behind - as consumers ourselves - have been invited to join the Silhouette U Deals program.