Tracing Curriculum

Learn to trace in Silhouette Studio and you’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities with the ability to turn an infinite number of images into cut files. Work through the Tracing Curriculum to lean the basics then hone your skills with more advanced techniques and tips on tracing in Silhouette Studio.


opening downloaded designs in silhouette studio

Before you can trace an image to create cut lines, you need to bring it into Silhouette Studio. This video will walk you through exactly how to import images (JPEG or PNG) into Silhouette Studio so you can begin the tracing process.


turning a jpeg or png into a cut file (tracing)

In order to cut a JPEG or PNG image, you’ll first need to trace it to create cut lines. This beginner level video will take you step by step through the process of tracing using the Trace tool in Silhouette Studio.


tips for tracing in silhouette studio v4

Got the very basics of Tracing in Silhouette Studio down, but now you need more tips? This video is full of them!


tracing techniques in silhouette studio v4

Pick up additional tracing techniques in this video on creating cut lines in Silhouette Studio.


silhouette studio v4 trace by color tool

Learn to use the Trace By Color tool in Silhouette Studio in this video tutorial. It’s one of the most powerful, but overlooked tools in the Silhouette software.


trace and detach (and intro to magnet trace)

Need to trace a portion of an image or remove the transparent or white background of a PNG? Trace and Detach is your new best friend!

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