Text Tool Curriculum

Learn to use the Silhouette Text tool like a pro in this progressive Text Tool Curriculum. We’ll take you through the basics before moving on to more advanced techniques and tools!


installing new fonts in silhouette studio v4

One of the awesome things about the Silhouette Studio text tool is you can use any font that’s on your computer. This beginner text tool video will talk you through how to install new fonts on your computer so they show up in Silhouette Studio!


intro to the text tool

In this comprehensive beginner video on using the Text Tool in Silhouette Studio, you’ll learn the basics including how to start a new text box, change the font style, size, spacing and more. By the time you’re through this Silhouette beginner video you’ll have a firm understanding of text tool best practices!


word art and text to path

Take designing with text in Silhouette Studio to the next level by taking full advantage of some powerful tools! This video will show you exactly how to curve text using Text to Path and how to create your own word art right in Silhouette Studio.


3 ways to use single line sketch fonts

Sketch fonts aren’t just for Silhouette sketch pens anymore! This video will show you three ways to get more out of your single line fonts..including the trick for turn them into cuttable fonts!


troubleshooting for design & text not printing

Wondering why your text isn’t printing on your print and cut project? This quick video explains exactly why you’re printing blank pages - and how to fix it!

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