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Welcome to Silhouette U's Happenings Page!

This is where you'll find a list of on going events and happenings around campus!

The Silhouette U Facebook Group is the student hub and where you'll find the majority of the happenings!

We have several standing events each month that Silhouette U members have an exclusive invitation to participate in! If you haven't joined the group yet, just click the Facebook icon and request to join us!

Check the Events Calendar below for exact dates and times and be on the lookout for event invitations in the Silhouette U Facebook Group.

Facebook Live Q & A:  Twice a month Silhouette U will hold Live Question and Answer sessions via Facebook Live on the Silhouette U Facebook group. These sessions are only open to Silhouette U members and are hosted by Melissa. You are invited to bring your questions to the Live Q and A or submit them early to make sure your question gets answered. If you'd like to submit a question early, please email your question to with 'Q and A' in the subject line. Exact dates and times can be found in the Events calendar on the Silhouette U home page.

Office Hours: Looking for a little more personal attention and help? Want to chat about Silhouette crafting, troubleshooting, or a project idea - but in a more private setting?  Melissa will be holding weekly office hours weekly. Silhouette U members are invited to attend by private messaging Melissa through the chat feature in the Silhouette U Facebook group.

  • Make sure you've joined the Silhouette U FB Group

  • Check the Events calendar to find Melissa's open Office Hours

  • During office hours, click the +Start New Chat button on the right side of the Facebook page.

  • Search and then check the box for "Melissa Viscount"

  • Click "Start Chat"

Monthly Giveaway: Every month look for a new Silhouette U members-only giveaway! Giveaways will be posted in the Silhouette U Facebook Group as well as the Silhouette U website.  Check the Giveaways page for the current giveaway and to enter! Exact start and end dates for giveaways will be posted on the Events calendar.

Meet and Mingle in the Halls: Silhouette U is your page! While Silhouette School's Facebook Page is a spot I share tutorials, answer comments, and engage with you - the Silhouette U Facebook group is different! It's meant to be an interactive group environment where Silhouette U members can chat and get to know each other! Attending a Silhouette conference? Find a friend here first and plan to meet up! Want to know if there are any Silhouette crafters in your area? The Silhouette U FB Group has a running "Where Are You From" thread so members can find their crafty neighbors.  Need advice on pricing? Can't figure out what font that is? Looking for help on best sellers?  Ask your fellow Silhouette U members!  Meet, mingle and get crafty!

Other Regular Happenings

1st Weekday of Every Month: New Commercial Use Files Adding to the Silhouette U Library

1st Weekday of Every Month: New Silhouette Video Tutorials

Last Day of Every Quarter: Commercial Use Files from the quarter are retired

Annually: New Silhouette U Exclusive Mini Guide Released