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Silhouette U members have access to the exclusive Silhouette U Library of Commercial Use Design Files. Files are available in SVG and PNG format.

New exclusive members only design files are added monthly. Files will be retired at the end of each quarter.  We are very excited that we’ve teamed up with some amazing graphic design small business owners to help build our library! 

How Do I Download the Files?

Simply click on the appropriate link below the image of the design, and the download begins.  That's it!

What file type should I download?

If you have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, you can download the SVG file type. It will open in Silhouette Studio, and you can simply turn on the cut lines from the Cut Settings window. If you do NOT have Silhouette Studio Designer edition and are using the Standard Silhouette Studio, you will need to download the PNG or DXF file type. PNG files will require tracing in Silhouette Studio.  If the designer has offered a DXF file type, you can open in Silhouette Studio and it will not require tracing, but the cut lines will need to be turned on.

Why can't you just offer .Studio Files?

I would like to...I really would.  Unfortunately, it's against Silhouette America's Terms of Service to sell .Studio files, and since you're a paying member of Silhouette U it's a no go. Fear not - SVGs and PNGs are easily accessible in Silhouette Studio!

How do I open the SVG and PNG files in Silhouette Studio?

I knew you'd ask! The first thing you want to do is click on the appropriate file type from the library of commercial use files below to download.  Download the file to your computer and note where it saves.  Then open up Silhouette Studio. From the File Menu click "Open" and navigate to where the PNG or SVG files saved on your computer. The PNG or SVG file will open up in a work area in Silhouette Studio.

Designer Edition Users: Select the file and open the Cut Settings Window. Click "Cut" to turn on the cut lines.

Standard Studio Users: You will need to trace the PNG file to generate cut lines.

  • Open the Trace Window

  • Click "Select Trace Area"

  • Using your mouse draw a selection box around the design

  • Uncheck "High Pass Filter"

  • Move the Threshold bar to the right until the file the design has been shaded evenly with yellow

  • Click "Trace" to generate cut lines

  • If you are creating a print and cut, you can leave the design and cut lines like this

  • If you are cutting the design only you can delete the original PNG design

Will the design files always be available?

New commercial use files will be added to the Silhouette U library at the beginning of each month. However at the end of every quarter all files from that quarter will be retired.  For example, files added in January will be available for download by Silhouette U members from January through March 31. Files added to the Silhouette U library in March will also retire on March 31.

Quarters Run

  • Q1: January, February, March

  • Q2: April, May, June

  • Q3: July, August, September

  • Q4: October, November, December

How can I use the files?

Silhouette U members can use the files for personal use, gifting, giving, and commercial use in physical/final form.

How CAN'T the files be used?

Files cannot be shared, redistributed, transferred or sold/resold in digital format.

Confused? No worries...let's look at some examples of Do's and Don'ts with commercial use files

Silhouette U members may download Design A and use it to cut a design out of HTV to make a shirt to sell on Etsy.

Silhouette U members may use Design A as part of a final printable/digital design such as an invitation, first day of school board, sticker set or birthday stat printable.

Silhouette U members may NOT use Design A to sell in its raw digital form or as a digital set of designs. For example, you can't list the .SVG file in your etsy shop by itself or as part of an SVG set.

Mis-use of Silhouette U commercial free files is grounds for immediate removal from Silhouette U with no refunds or exchanges.

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October 2019

Retires December 31, 2019


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